Another Reason for Americans to be Proud of Our Government


Kevin Jon Heller, Bilal Hussein's Kangaroo Court (summarizing Scott Horton's excellent An Update on the Trial of Bilal Hussein).

Given how raw the US's behavior is, this case has gotten remarkably little media: You'd expect reporters to care more about the treatment of a fellow journalist. Perhaps the Pentagon's anti-reporter tactics are getting better?

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3 Responses to Another Reason for Americans to be Proud of Our Government

  1. LACJ says:

    This question has bothered me for a long time. It should be clear to everybody that the people in power have no loyalty to others. You *will* be sold down the river if necessary, or maybe even if convenient.

    The only answer I can come up with is that they are not even paying attention. Too distracted, I guess.

  2. Go Democrats says:


    Y brng p grt pnt… y rlly knw hw to rtrt smthng th whl wrld lrdy knws…. Myb y shld chng yr nm t “Cptn bvs”?

    Tk crs n Pltcl Scnc nxt tm bfr y spk… ths wy y stnd chnc t ctlly sy smthng ntllgnt.

  3. Go Democrats says:


    You are such a sneaky one…get a life! (Uh oh here comes another disemvowel!)

    My opinion on LACJ remains the same… both you and he need to turn off Fox news.. maybe then you two can actually speak on a more intelligent level.

    Shame Shame Shame


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