Ron Paul’s TV Ads Mirror His Prospects

Ron Paul, the anarcho-libertarian running for President as a Republican, has two TV ads running in New Hampshire. One of them is really stilted and awful:

But the other ad isn't bad:

Given that Ron Paul's supporters raised over $3 million for him yesterday — apparently without much help from the campaign — it looks like he'll be able to buy some serious air time in New Hampshire.

Quirky, ultra-right-wing anti-state and anti-tax New Hampshire one of the few states where Rep. Paul might actually do quite well. Let's hear it for a brokered Republican convention!

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8 Responses to Ron Paul’s TV Ads Mirror His Prospects

  1. james says:

    anarcho-libertarian? what?

  2. hiimallen says:

    I agree the first one was way below a low budget film. But…

    As a conservative Ron Paul in unmatched by any running in the Republican race.
    #1 lowering taxes
    #1 2nd amendment rights
    #1 anti-abortion
    Oh, he is against the war, against the “anti-” Patriot Act, and against torture to get false confessions. I guess you’re right, he shouldn’t be considered a Republican.

  3. NH says:

    Uh, that’s REPUBLICAN TO YOU, Mister.


    Time for Tancredo, Hunter, McCain and Huckleberry Hound to drop out I’d say!

  4. NH says:

    Uh, that’s REPUBLICAN TO YOU, Mister.


    Time for Tancredo, Hunter, McCain and Huckleberry Hound to drop out I’d say!

  5. Go Democrats says:

    Ron Paul? He reminds me of Rupaul… At least his campaign is so awful even a drag queen could do better.

  6. PHB says:

    A brokered convention would certainly be a deserving punishment for the parties for having pushed the conventions back to the last possible date and the primaries forward to January.

    It is not that unlikely an outcome, Romney and Giuliani are both in it for all or nothing. Ron Paul could well pick up a protest vote, particularly if as seems likely Hilary sews up the Democratic nomination early. Democrats can then vote for the anti-war Republican in the GOP primary in several later states.

    What is much harder to predict is what the outcome of a brokered convention would be. Presumably they would bring the convention forward, or try to. But its not like the GOP has a deep bench. They only have one ex-President who is legally qualified to be a candidate and he is called George Bush. Hard to see who else could be drafted in, impossibe to see Mitt and Rudy working together.

    Maybe what they should do is to allow Dick Cheney to find a candidate for them.

  7. Ken Manning says:

    I feel that the media is trying to brain wash us into voting for their candidate.
    Ron Paul gets very little attention from them.
    I think that Ron Paul is the real deal and he has my vote.

  8. Richardo says:

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