I Am Now a Locavore

I am now a locavore.

This morning we picked up our first box of local produce from Redland Organics & Bee Heaven Farm, Miami's Community-Supported Agriculture, which proudly calls itself “the southernmost CSA in the USA.” They deliver to a member's house, not all that far from where I live.

There was a healthy mix of things in the box — not too much of anything. Mostly leafy things, but also radishes, herbs, and (if the packing list is to be believed) avocados. I didn't have time to look carefully because I have an all-day committee meeting…

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  1. A frequent mantra among more left-wing activists is “Think global, Act Local.” This just happens to be the description of a feedback loop (that piercing sound you hear when pointing a microphone (global input) at a speaker (local output)). The ant, one of the most successful animal species in the history of the planet, works by thinking local and acting local (following pheremone trails and leaving their own). I think localism (economic and political) will become increasingly necessary if human civilization is to continue inhabiting this planet (assuming that we want to continue doing so in a manner that preserves indivdual liberty). I see the centralization of government authority as especially worrisome in this respect. I’ve been somewhat disappointed of late, having written my State assemblyman about possible State-level legislation to protect State residents from Federal Executive Orders, as I haven’t yet gotten a reply. It seems to me that since Executive Orders aren’t laws (as per the first clause of the US Constitution), there ought to be State and Local legislative measures that can counteract these dictatorial proclaimations.

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