What He Said

These days, the three bloggers most likely to produce a 'what he said' reaction for me are perennial favorite The Carpetbagger, Digby (although I sometimes also violently disagree), and Robert Waldmann (with two N's!).

See, for example, Robert's reaction today to the NYT's latest piece of dangerous fluff, an article fuller of Republican spin than facts. Bait and Switch at the New York Times exactly captures my reactions when reading this thing over breakfast this morning.

That said, I am not endorsing the following statement, in an earlier posting, at least not without further testing:

This brings me to the best established hypothesis in the social sciences. The Romans had a theory that they won wars because the gods were on their side. They felt that so long as they performed traditional Pagan rituals they were fine. After converting Constantine as Pontifex Maximus ordered Romans to keep up the Pagan rituals then moved to Constantinople. For centuries Romans ruled and performed these rituals. Theodosius banned them from performing the traditional rites. Rome was sacked within 30 years. Sure it was just a coincidence suuuuuure.

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2 Responses to What He Said

  1. PHB says:

    The sack of Rome was probably not due to the failure of the Pagan observances, but they did have a common cause in that they were both due to the focus of empire shifting East to Constantinople.

    The suppression of the pagan rites did cause serious social dislocation by driving a wedge between the Roman nobility and the Imperium. It probably didn’t tip the balance but it was a real cost.

  2. It’s easy for you to suggest “further testing” you live in Coral Gables. It seems you are suggesting that we residents of Rome should insult the Gods *again* just to see what happens. Well I’m sorry, it’s bad enought that I risk my life driving to work every day. I aint taking no chances with no Ostragoths.

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