Rev. Yearwood Update

Curiouser and curiouser.

Rev Lennox Yearwood, Jr., who had his leg broken by Capitol Police the last time he tried to get into a congressional hearing had most of the charges against him stemming from that incident dropped, but he still is having a hard time getting into hearings. No one has come forward to explain why.

We shall overcome… harassment and intimidation | Iraq Veterans Against the War

Yesterday I announced that the US Attorney dropped the charges against me of assaulting a police officer ( *).

Today, Tuesday Oct 2nd, I was in line for the Blackwater hearing on Capitol Hill at 9:15 in the morning. When I got to the front of the line at 11:30, Capitol Police stopped the line. I stood there for two hours while the same officers who leapt on me three weeks ago outside of the Petraeus hearing, pointed and stared at me. I stood there, humming “we shall overcome.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters showed up at 1:30 and saw me standing there. She demanded that I be let into the hearing. Cops were swarming the door, and the honorable Congresswoman from California escorted me into the hearing. Once I got in, three cops stood near me, so I would not forget that I was in their territory.

It is just incredible that as a peace activist, a former Chaplain candidate in the Air Force Reserve, and a Minister, I would be treated so disrespectfully in the halls of Congress.

But, this is part of the struggle, and like my brothers and sisters before me, I know that we shall overcome.

* Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who represents me in this case, have been incredible allies, and show true courage in their work to expose corruption and injustice in Washington.

As I understand it, there's still a charge of disturbing the peace outstanding from the earlier incident, but the man is presumed innocent isn't he?

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