Amnesty International Comes to UM Law

Good things sometimes come to my mailbox.

The University of Miami School of Law will host this year's Southern Regional Conference of Amnesty International from October 19th through the 21st. Attendees will include delegates from eleven states, local activists, and the UM School of Law community.

The conference starts on October 19th at the Holiday Inn across from the University of Miami with workshops and a human rights tour of Miami. At 7:00 p.m. Haitian writer and poet Edwidge Dandicat will be the keynote speaker at the opening cultural event held at the Storer Auditorium (5250 University Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146).

Throughout the weekend Amnesty will hold 22 workshops on a variety of critical human rights issues and activism skills with renowned speakers. Four of the workshops will be in Spanish and English/Spanish interpretation will be provided during the opening and closing plenary.

UM faculty will be on a panel about Immigration and give a workshop in Spanish on the Death Penalty.

The Conference closes on Sunday, October 21st, with Bukeni Tete Waruzi – a former child soldier – speaking about his experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Should be a great event.

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4 Responses to Amnesty International Comes to UM Law

  1. Ahmedinijad says:

    I love Amnesty International. They are as anti-Israel as I am. No, no its not antisemitism–no, no my friends. Hamas and Hizbolah are peace-loving political organizations and it is Israel that abuses human rights.

    Just look at this my friends:

    Froomkin, you are my kind of guy. Please start blogging more how evil Bush should leave me alone. I will come and speak at UM any time you want, my friend.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  2. Fix the problem says:

    Well my friends, whoever this imitation Ahmedinijad dude is making such a posting has the freedom of speech to do so.

    Nevertheless, after 2,000 years of the jews and arabs fighting each other, it is quite evident that there will never be peace.

    Unfortunately, there is only one way to solve the problem. When a race of people are willing to die for their cause, any military objectives to counter this army tactic will be unsuccessful, except one. The atomic bomb. It worked against Japan in WW2, and it will work again against the suicide bombers. Blast the entire middle east into oblivion, and wipe the entire race out. Then, and only then, will there be peace in the middle east.

  3. shamnesty says:

    I think all that the “Iranian dictator” meant to say was that AI displays antisemitic (or at least biased) approaches and advocacy in the middle east. I happen to agree with that point, and what makes matters worse is many, many people take AI’s word for it without investigating the facts themselves.

    But it would not surprise me if the UM Law faculty did invite him to speak.

  4. Fix the problem says:


    Who is “Al”?

    Are you under the influence of any drugs? Gonja?

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