Washington Post’s Hirohito Moment

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell materially distorted reality in his testimony to Congress.

The milquetoast headline in The Washington Pravda Post is — brace yourself — Iraq Wiretap Delay Not Quite as Presented.

Not quite as presented!

Where have I heard something like that before? Hmmm….

Despite the best that has been done by everyone … the war situation has developed not necessarily to our advantage.”

– Emperor Hirohito, Radio Broadcast Announcing Japan’s Surrender, August 15, 1945

I'm actually starting to think Brad DeLong s right—surely the Post can't survive if it continues like this? If people want this sort of work, they might as well buy the Washington Times.

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  1. LACJ says:

    Ha! Thanks for documenting that. The officials and the media sound more and more like Baghdad Bob every day.

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