Science Fiction Writers of America Caught in DMCA Abuse

Cory Doctorow is mad, and he has good reason: Science Fiction Writers of America abuses the DMCA.

You'd think they'd know better.

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2 Responses to Science Fiction Writers of America Caught in DMCA Abuse

  1. Bruce says:

    The situation is actually a little more complicated than Doctorow makes it out to be. The site,, was hosting 1000s of copyrighted works and had ignored more polite requests to removed them. While the SFWA probably should have checked their list more thoroughly, it seems to be more of an honest error by a volunteer staff than the overzealousness of RIAA and its ilk.

    For a more complete summary of the other side, check out Jerry Pournelle’s website.

  2. nedu says:

    It isn’t really abuse until the lawyers threaten to sue the copyright-holder for infringement. And, at that it’s just sorta mild abuse. When they actually file suit, now that’s abuse.

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