Judge Rules National Security Letters are Unconstitutional

In a big win for the rule of law, Federal District Judge Marrero issued a 103 page decision today holding National Security Letters unconstitutional despite their being blessed by the reauthorization of the Patriot Act.

Text of the decision in .pdf

Congratulations to the legal team from the ACLU and others who won this big victory — sure to be appealed.

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4 Responses to Judge Rules National Security Letters are Unconstitutional

  1. Tony Zirkle says:

    The exclusionary rule needs revision to make an exception for murder and attempted murder so that evidence is not excluded from trials. Human life if more important than this deterrent to police misconduct. If tainted evidence must be used to convict, alternate remedies such as death penalty exclusion or percentages of prison knocked off are far preferable than no conviction.

    Tony Zirkle

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  2. aclu_2themax says:

    How dare you. How dare you imply that Truth could possibly be more important than legal technicalities. Never mind that federal statutes allow citizens to redress civil rights violations against the state and its actors. Never mind that we could invigorate these statutes and get bad cops off the street some other way. If the Supremes had wanted an exception to the exclusionary rule they would have said so. How dare you sir. What next, should we also question Roe v. Wade? Where does it end? I bet you support killing terrorists too. Republican, and angry too no doubt.

    I look forward to reading michael rip you a new one for this herecy.

  3. Mojo says:

    aclu_2themax, If you’re going to troll, learn to spell.

  4. LACJ says:

    Interesting. Good news.

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