Hard at Work

Great compilation at The Democratic Party | It's Working? That Old Line Again?:

“The terrorists and the Baathists loyal to the old regime will fail because America and our allies have a strategy, and ours trategy is working.”
President Bush
November 1, 2003

“Our strategy is working.”
Vice President Cheney
September 28, 2004

“That's our strategy. And it is working and it is going to work, for the good of the country.”
President Bush
June 24, 2005

“Our strategy is working.”
White House's “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq”
November 30, 2005

“This approach is working.”
President Bush
December 7, 2005

“It is a concrete example of how our strategy is working.”
Frm. White House spokesman Scott McClellan
March 20, 2006

“It took time to understand and adjust to the brutality of the enemy in Iraq. Yet the strategy is working.”
President Bush
March 20, 2006

Expect to be worked over again next week when the White House issues its report under Gen. Petraeus's name.

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  1. Ugh says:

    It’s amazing that despite how well things have been going over the past 4 (!) years there that we are still around.

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