This Is Not Good for America

A Case So Shielded One Side Is in the Dark (behind Times paywall; archived Copyright violation?)

Mr. Eisenberg is suing the government on behalf of clients who say they were illegally wiretapped by the National Security Agency. Yet he was required to write an appellate brief in a government office, supervised by a Justice Department security officer.

“Yesterday, under the auspices and control of my litigation adversaries, at their offices and on their computer, I wrote a brief, of which I was not allowed to keep a copy, responding to arguments which I was not permitted to see, which will be met by a reply which I will not be permitted to see.”

That this doesn't make for justice as we (ought to) know it will, I hope, go without saying.

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3 Responses to This Is Not Good for America

  1. --Blue Girl says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the copyright – Elliot Spitzer posted at Think Progress last week and linked a post from the same blog.

    This is getting downright Kafka-esque. Is it time for the revolution yet?

  2. Kevin Hayden says:

    What? No invisible ink or Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence?

  3. SEO says:

    Slashdotted it. There could be invisible ink Kevin… But i don’t know i’ve never been good at reading that invisible ink stuff for some reason ;-D


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