This Email is Making the Rounds

1) Fred Thompson knocked up his high school girlfriend out of wedlock. They got married and subsequently divorced before Thompson married his current wife, 24 years his junior.
source 1 and source 2.

2) Rudy Giuliani's first wife (of three) was his second cousin (Regina Peruggi). They were married for 14 years.

3) Ron Paul has more cash on hand for his campaign than John McCain.

4) Rudy Giuliani has been married more times (3 times) than Mitt Romney has gone hunting (2 times).

5) Fred Thompson once worked as a lobbyist for the pro-choice National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. Not terribly shocking given that, to varying degrees, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and even John McCain have all offered pro-choice commentary.

6) Rudy Giuliani is the cross-dressingest public servant since J. Edgar Hoover.

7) According to their Wikipedia pages, Fred Thompson (2), Rudy Giuliani (3), John McCain (2), and Newt Gingrich (3) combine to average 2.5 marriages each.

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