Judicial Fireworks in Broward

It's an old Miami saying that we live in the only part of the country where you have to go north to get to the South.

Evidence of the truth of that aphorism can be found in the judicial dust-up currently unfolding in Broward County, the county just north of us. Broward county judges have had a bad patch recently, what with one being busted for smoking pot in a park, and various ethical transgressions emerging, one of which led to the resignation of the Chief Judge.

We though things might be looking up this week when the election for a new Chief Judge appeared to have gone off without either allegations of vote tampering or mayhem, but in fact this was just the calm before the storm.

And what a storm. It seems that during the brief interregnum, Acting Chief Judge Mel Grossman eviscerated a diversity committee chaired by Judge Elijah Williams, the only black male judge to be appointed in Broward in the last two decades. And Judge Williams, to his credit, isn't taking it lightly.

The full fireworks can be seen at the rather active unofficial Broward lawyers' blog at A Calculated Scorched Earth Policy or a Simple Case of Al Haig Disease? Judge Elijah Williams Has Had Enough!. See also Miami-Dade's own Rumpole, enjoying a few moments of schadenfreude.

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