Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 13)

You know, I actually sort of believe this:

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern – you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.

Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).

If it can't be Paris then, yes, Amsterdam.

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5 Responses to Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 13)

  1. hipparchia says:

    barcelona para mi.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Paris for me! I hope they have French Fries!

  3. Michael Fischl says:

    dublin for me, which is probably right, esp now that the pubs are smoke-free. now if they could do something about all the traffic . . .

  4. p.lukasiak says:

    hey I got amsterdam too!

  5. Mojo says:

    London for me (and I do love it). Amazing that there have been so many good hits and such variety from such a short survey.

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