It Figures

As everyone knows, Deborah Jeane Palfrey is accused of running a Washington DC. escort service that fronted for a prostitution ring. Her defense strategy is to get ABC to help her to identify her clients (from her phone records), so that she can then call them and have them testify that that they did not have sex with that woman (or man?). Palfrey's version is that her perfectly legal sexual fantasy escort service sent folks who had a contract with her promising not to break the law, and she would be shocked to learn otherwise — and wants the big-name DC types to back her up.

The Miami angle in all this is her lawyer, who it seems came up with this weird but in some sense clever defense strategy, is one Montgomery Blair Sibley who, while admitted in Florida, is facing disbarment for being a being a “vexatious litigant” — in Miami!. His other claim to local fame is that he enjoyed 77 days in a Miami jail for refusing to pay child support.

And according to The Colorful Case of A Well-Named Lawyer, his father is “Harper Sibley Jr., one of the richer and more powerful developers in Florida.”

Somehow it seems right that there would be a Miami link to a good sex & politics scandal.

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