I’m Part of the Majority

TPM Cafe, New Poll: Solid Majority Wants Congress To Send Bush Another Bill With Timetables,

Fifty four percent of Americans oppose President Bush's veto of Congress' Iraq withdrawal bill, and a solid majority wants Congress to send Bush another Iraq bill containing withdrawal timetables

I am part of the majority. Why is it so silent?

Silent or not, I do think that the electorate will take its revenge at 2008. Bush is making Hoover look good. And Hoover defined his party for over a generation. We'll get the enablers.

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5 Responses to I’m Part of the Majority

  1. Anonymous 1L says:

    I think this poll is interesting. It seems to reflect the microcosmic conflict Americans feel over the Iraq War. Fifty-seven percent of Americans would favor a bill that increased funding but included a start date for withdrawal. But when forced to choose one proposal, 40% of Americans would prefer a bill that increased funds and set benchmarks for the Iraqi government to the 33% who would still prefer a bill that increased funds and set a date to start troop withdrawal. Fifty-five percent do not think that the war is lost and only 31% think that the Democrats in Congress “strongly support” the troops currently in Iraq, yet 51% think that it’s good that the Democrats are in control of Congress. Is there someone out there who can paint a more coherent picture from these numbers?

    Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but of the 1,028 adults surveyed, I am curious to see how many would be able to name the main architects of the war or the current US commander versus how many would be able to name the remaining contestants on American Idol.

  2. Anon says:

    At some point we just need to face the facts and realize that most Americans are dumb.

  3. svdw says:

    I’m probably a little cynical here but why would the average Repubs agree with the Dems withdrawal attempts? They would have to admit the war was a waste of lives, time & money & admit they were wrong to have supported it. They would also have to agree with the Dems & since they have been demonizing the Dems for years now that would be a little tough to take. I know a couple of Repubs who will support Bush right or wrong since they think he cut their taxes & the war has cost them nothing. (yet) I think the Dems should send a full funding bill to the President & include a tax provision to pay for it. Then we’ll see the remaining supporters of this war favor immediate withdrawal. Put Bush in the spot of vetoing a responsible funding bill b/c he refuses to take responsibility & pay for his own idealism. The majority of this country has been asked to contribute nothing to this war besides buy a sticker for their SUV. How about an across the board tax hike & make everybody (except military families) responsible to pay for this mess?

  4. EJG says:

    A tax increase to fund the war is a great idea, however it can’t be across the board. The poor are in such dire straights right now because of this administrations policy’s. Everything is going up except income. It is becoming almost impossible for them to pay for the gasoline to get back and forth to work while the profits of big companies is going through the roof. Even food is becoming less and less affordable. I think it should be the wealthy who got all the tax cuts as well as the big companies who are making huge profits while bleeding the citizens of this country dry. Those who are making huge profits from this war should be required to return to the war fund all of the profits they made!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Why send any bill to Bush? The funds the war – not the troops equipment. They gave bush his war funding and he vetoed it. Why give him any funding now. Stop the war, don’t fund it.

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