600 Blows

I make it 600 more days of the Bush admnistration

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One Response to 600 Blows

  1. joel hanes says:

    What makes you think that Bush will allow the 2008 elections to go forward?
    It’d be easy to gin up a “national security emergency” that could be used to justify
    invoking the emergency powers that the Administration has just outlined for itself.

    What makes you think that Bush will step down on Jan 2009 if the elections _do_ go forward?

    This Administrations naked power grabs are unprecedented.
    Unique in American experience.

    Do you think that Bush will risk the breach of the stone walls of classification
    and secrecy and complicit lying that have so far shielded him and his henchmen?

    Do you think that Bush will acquiesce when a solidly Democratic Congress and
    a Democratic President-elect threaten to abandon his plan to park the American
    military permanently on top of Iraq’s oil, and next door to Iran’s?

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