The Five Stages of Rightist Iraq Commentary

Sadly, No! brings us a modified Kübler-Ross process, Iraq edition:

1. Denial: “The media doesn’t show the good news in Iraq.”

2. Anger: “The treasonous far-left-liberals and their media lapdogs are making us lose in Iraq.”

3. Bargaining: “If we send x-thousand more troops to Iraq, victory will be ours.”

4. Depression: “Did you catch 300 yet? [munch-munch-burp] God, it made me hate liberals even more. [channels flipping] They wouldn’t last a day in ancient Sparta.”

5. Advanced Literary Theory: “The hegemonic binary of ’success’ and ‘failure’ traumatizes the (re)interpretive possibilities of an ethos of jouissance regarding the War in Iraq.

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2 Responses to The Five Stages of Rightist Iraq Commentary

  1. Phill says:

    Sad fact: At this very moment there is a cabal or Iranian generals discussing the possibility of invading Basra and cutting the US supply lines should the US mount an attack against Iran.

    Sadder fact: At least one of the generals will be heard to opine ‘the Iraqis will greet us with flowers’.

    Saddest fact: The general is almost certainly right. An Iranian invasion of Basra would almost certainly be applauded by the Iraqi people under those circumstances.

  2. Shawn says:

    Very true tactics of the right. They blame the media for everything that goes wrong in Iraq.

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