How to Attack Mitt Romney

Attacks on Mitt Romney based on his religious beliefs make me very uncomfortable because even the most measured versions seem somehow wrong and, yes, unAmerican. (Concerns about his views on separation of church and state might be acceptable. Issues of creed, no thanks.)

On the other hand, attacks on Mitt Romney based on the way he markets himself to supporters, on Romeny's two-faced approach to basic moral issues, and on his opportunistic and implausible self reinvention as a campaigning strategy, all seem … necessary.

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7 Responses to How to Attack Mitt Romney

  1. LACJ says:

    Wow! Weird spam! Even with the required preview! Is this unusual or could there be a connection to the post subject? It does seem that DOS attacks follow certain types of posts, often regarding certain rightist figures…I have been wondering how difficult it would be to track down an offender in one of these attacks, although I have no idea about how that could be done.

  2. Brett Bellmore says:

    Why would you even bother to attack Romney? He has essentially zero chance of being the Republican nominee at this point, attacking him is a waste of time and resources.

  3. aidan says:

    Attack his hair. Too weirdly slick and brylcream enhanced. Looks smarmy. Hair like that is bad for the US image and would lead to latent loathing on the part of allies. Plus he shoots varmints and rabbits without a damn license. What more do we need? Real men shoot things that at least come up to their knees.

  4. Michael says:

    Regarding the first comment above, I should explain that there was a lot of spam overnight, which I deleted in my daily AM cleanup….

  5. anon says:


    Romney raised more money than all other nominees and was actually leading a poll last week. I don’t think he has much of a chance of winning the general election, but it’s possible he could win the primaries.

    So I’ll go ahead and attack him – Any member of a religion that believevs god punished blacks and Native Americans by giving them darker skin is a wacko.

  6. Timotheus says:

    You must think he is formidable if you are going to attack him. If you don’t think he stands a chance against Clinton, Obama, or Edwards, then you would hope that he gets nominated and you should write posts about how great Romney is. Obviously, the DNC thinks he is a threat. They have been press releasing on Romney like crazy. It will be interesting to see, but I think that flip-flopping on the war in Iraq (like Kerry did) may be treated differently than Mitt becoming more conservative than he was before. I think that most of his answers aren’t exactly flips anyway. He still supports banning assault weapons even though he says he supports the right to bear arms. He thinks states ought to be able to decide the issue of abortion, whereas before he said he would seek to change the laws. He has always been opposed to gay marriage even though he thinks homosexuals deserve the same protection of the law as everyone else. I don’t disagree that he is talking more conservatively these days then when in MA, but mostly, it seems to be he is simply flushing out his overall views, rather than actually changing them. Understandably, he wasn’t highlighting the conservative parts of those views when running for Governor of MA.

  7. ken4 says:

    Go Romney! …Truth be told that Mitt Romney IS the smartest, most experienced, most articulate and the only one who can turn America around. So bigotry, arrogance, ignorance aside and vote for the BEST & most capable candidate! – MR. President!

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