Why The Cops Spied on ‘Billionaires for Bush’

New York city police were spying on them:

Billionaires For Bush Respond to N.Y.P.D. Spying Report

– Billionaires to release own domestic surveillance files as gesture of good faith.

– “We guessed he was an undercover officer when he kept asking for stock tips.” Meg A Bucks, National Co-Chair.

New York, NY, March 27th, 2007 Stunned by a recent New York Times report revealing that Billionaires For Bush were the targets of widespread surveillance by the New York Police Department in 2004, we issue the following statement:

“We join the chorus of voices calling upon the city to make its files public. As a gesture of good faith, today the Billionaires For Bush make our own domestic surveillance files public.

Public scrutiny of these files will reveal that we have infiltrated city hall and all key city departments, including zoning, development, taxation, and the Brooklyn Public Library. Our most important informant operated at the highest echelons of municipal governance. His code name (presciently) was “Snow Shovel,” and files will reveal his identity as Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Snow Shovel (his Honor) operated as a double agent for Billionaires For Bush beginning in January 2004. During the R.N.C. he played a crucial role in banning protestors from Central Park so that members of Billionaires For Bush could play croquet. He continues to serve our interests well to this day. While we don't expect him to resign from his post, he no longer needs to feed us information. Another tax break for the upper brackets would be nice, though.”

About Billionaires For Bush
Armed with tuxedos, evening gowns, hard facts and a humorous spin, Billionaires for Bush is a do-it-yourself grassroots media campaign using humor and street theater to exposes politicians who support corporate interests at the expense of everyday Americans.

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