Is John Edwards (or a staff droid) really using Twitter?

Ross Masyfield, who thinks about this stuff in a much more organized way than I do, says Twitter is tipping the tuna which is his code for a network good tipping into importance (but something less than hitting the bigtime).

Myself, I don't think twitter would improve my life. The last thing I need is more distractions and interruptions.

But it's an interesting phenomenon. “Only connect” morphed into “always connect”.

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2 Responses to Trendspotting

  1. eric says:

    Far from improving my life, it sounds like one of my worst nightmares — constantly receiving messages keeping me abreast of the trivial goings-on in the daily lives of people I know only peripherally. Though, I really didn’t understand three-quarters of what Mayfield was talking about, so perhaps I’m just much further out of the loop (an expression the use of which, I suspect, is just further proof of the same) than I’d previously imagined.

  2. BroD says:

    What Eric said.

    I have to thank the Prof for turning me on to Pandora ,though. A year ago, I had no use for pc sound: now I’ve got upgraded sound card and speakers–with (gasp) a sub-woofer. My son is astounded by my conversion.

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