Ron Zeigler Was Nothing

I think this response by Tony Snow during yesterday's TV interview with Harry Smith on CBS deserves to be considered a classic bit of obfuscation and non-denial denial.

Smith: “Karl Rove wasn't involved? Harriet Miers wasn't involved? C'mon!”

Snow: “This is where what you're trying to do is create a narrative that I'm not so sure the facts are going to justify. This is why what we're trying to do is get everybody to figure out what's the deal.”

Snow here is all but bragging that he doesn't know the facts. And guessing about them. But he's not saying he's going to find them out either. The White House Press Secretary surely has some way of finding out the answer to this rather obvious question. Couldn't he ask Rove and Miers and then tell us? You would think.

Then again, maybe couldn't. After all, Rove and Miers would not be under oath when they speak to Snow.

Meanwhile, CREW asks, New e-mails prompt the question: Did Bush make the decision to fire the U.S. Attorneys?

And, one account of what Tony Snow has in common with a pet albino hedgehog.

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  1. Joe says:

    I wish that other journalists (?) would confront Tony Snow about the other crap that spews out of his mouth.

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