Off to DC

I'm off to DC today. Tomorrow I'll be appearing on a panel entitled The Future of Internet Governance at the American Society of International Law's annual meeting.

Although I've taught the basic public international law course a couple of times, and the connections to Internet Law are obvious, I don't consider myself a mainstream international lawyer. This will be the first time I go to an ASIL meeting. A number of the panels are about things I am particularly interested in — arbitration, terrorism, detainee related issues — so I'm looking forward to learning stuff and meeting new people.

I suspect that the atmosphere will be more formal than most of the events I go to these days. I tend to go to tech events and conferences that are held in inexpensive venues and where people wear t-shirts. (Or, occasionally, that are held in lovely, expensive venues, but people still wear t-shirts.) The ASIL is meeting in a very expensive venue, in the heart of Foggy Bottom, but it being DC, and the attendee list full of international judges, I'm expecting this is a suit environment.

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  1. Joe says:

    Law professors visiting in DC don’t have to wear suits. All the power lawyers know that law professors can’t afford the serious power suits, so law professors are exempt from the suit requirement.

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