Interesting Widget

Got this interesting TV widget from Google:

(requires javascript & Windows Media player)

Dog on hind legs, for sure. But do I have a use for it?

Update: By popular demand, I've changed the code so that the TV doesn't go on by default. You'll have to click the arrow to make something happen. Should have figured that my readers like TV about as little as I do. (Although I am seriously thinking of getting one before the next election.)

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5 Responses to Interesting Widget

  1. jody says:

    your interesting widget made me spent 5 minutes closing firefox, reopening and trying to figure out where that audio was coming from!
    please don’t blog things that do that.

  2. Michael says:

    I suggest the NoScript firefox plugin if you want to block these sorts of things on a per-site basis.

  3. Bdkr says:

    Really annoying. I run Adblock with Firefox, but that gadget got past the filters…

  4. Skip says:

    I’ve tried NoScript and it only seems to work one way – I can ‘block all’ and ‘selectively add’ trusted sites, but not ‘add all’ and ‘selectively block’. So yes, I can block all and then add back all sites except yours – but making that effort for the 30 odd sites that I view is not worth it. (If I’m wrong and it’s possible to ‘add all’ and ‘selectively block’, post the method here.)

    It would be interesting to hear what your justification is for insisting on loading your widget in “play” mode. Sure, I can turn it off each time, but why should I have to spend that time? Or the time downloading and installing NoScript Anyway, I assume the widget will go away when you archive your March posts … I live in FL and enjoy your blog so – see you in 10 days.


  5. Zwiet says:


    I’ve made this interesting widget. Yesterday I added the autoplay option for people who want to put it on their website. Setting it ‘No’ will keep you on your chair…..


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