DRM Follies

Further proof that we don't live in a globally rational world.

Vista updates destroy Unix partitions. (you gotta read this one, it's a riot and an anti-trust suit waiting to happen).

How I Became A Music Pirate — the DRM made him do it.

And, one of Europe's largest movie stores, reports that 75% of its customer support problems are caused by DRM.

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2 Responses to DRM Follies

  1. I clicked your links assuming one was Matthew Yglesias (DRM made him a pirate too).

    I think the 75% in Europe number has to do with the dread “region” of DVDs (USA is a different region that Europe different format a DVD drive will read only one region unless it is reset). This is a clear market segmentation trick so that disks which are cheaper in the USA are not smuggled to Europe (I don’t know how much of the difference is VAT and how much is no Walmart over here). The evil part is that a computer’s DVD drive can switch regions only 3 times. It is also irritating that the drive on the computer on which I am typing refused to switch even once while telling me I had 3 switches left just to torment me.

    I downloaded “anydvd” which warns it can fry your computer from the web mostly for revenge. You mess with me I install firmware in you.

    Now the evil thing is probably thinking of censoring my comment.

    Oh yeah well you can do that little computer, and it would be a good idea *if* you want to surf over to Powerline. You know I don’t have to read what’s on your screen, and I am perfectly capable of filling your RAM with Hinderaker if you make me. So just post the comment if you know what’s best.

  2. Bruce Boyden says:

    I had a bad customer service experience with Verizon once. Can I hack into their cell phone network now and get service for free?

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