More on Rudy Giuliani

Someone has made a very nice video about what Rudy Giuliani was saying before he decided to run for President. I gather he says somewhat different things now.

What's interesting is that some parts of the GOP are so afraid they are going to get hammered in the general election, they may be prepared to overlook all this. But only some.

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One Response to More on Rudy Giuliani

  1. eric says:

    It is true that Giuliani has taken decent positions, and even acted decently, on a few important issues like reproductive freedom, gay rights, and immigration (though the 2100 Haitian refugees whose detention and deportation he argued in support of might believe otherwise). But, having lived in New York during the Giuliani administration, I would suggest that liberals and progressives view his record with a very cold eye. As veteran NY reporter Wayne Barrett reminds us ( link link link), Mayor Giuliani was a nightmare for the poor, the African-American community, and civil liberties. Despite the “moderate” image, Rudy Giuliani is basically a pro-gay, pro-abortion George W. Bush with a Long Island accent instead of a Texas twang.

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