He Who Wields the Hatchet

Mike Allen is a journalist rich in education and experience:

  • Served a Time magazine's White House correspondent
  • Six years at The Washington Post, where he covered President Bush's first term, Capitol Hill, campaign finance, and the Bush, Gore and Bradley campaigns of 2000.
  • Stints at the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch, The Free Lance-Star (VA)
  • Richmond and Alexandria bureaus of The Washington Post.
  • Covered parts of Connecticut for The New York Times.
  • B.A. from Washington and Lee University, where he majored in politics and journalism.

He has a c.v. as good or better than most in the business.

So how have we come to a place where a guy with this much experience can do something as stupid and evil — or is it just lazy and ignorant? — as this?

Update: Could it be petty, personal pique?

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3 Responses to He Who Wields the Hatchet

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    He’s not stupid. Lazy or corrupt or both seem to be the live options…

  2. how says:

    I lived in dar es salaam for a year. You don’t have to dig too deep to realize that the swahili people use many arabic words to communicate which leads me to believe he was just being mean. But, sometimes you wonder what people w/ all that education were doing in class… or maybe east africa to this man just seems like an underdeveloped backwards and he need not waste any time thinking about it.

  3. shmuel says:

    I’ll go with corrupt.

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