Codeweavers, the people who make Windows apps run under Linux, have just released version 6.0 of CrossOver Office, with a ton of support for popular applications, notably World of Warcraft.

But according to the CodeWeavers – CrossOver Office – Change Log, they still don’t support the one application I need most of all: Wordperfect for Windows.

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  1. BroD says:

    WP Brother! I’m a clandestine WP user in a msWord office. I surreptitiously compose in WP and then convert docs to Word or pdf.

  2. I could work without Wordperfect (albeit less efficiently), but there are times when I couldn’t work without Dragon Naturally Speaking, or not without risk of permanently disabling physical damage The absence of a good voice recognition (voice dictation) application is the biggest barrier keeping me from switching to Linux or Mac OSX.

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