Pandora’s Peculiarities

I love Pandora, but it has done two strange things recently.

I recently took the Secunia Software Inspector out for a spin, and it in addition to finding all sorts of obscure software that it thought needed updating, and I thought needed deleting, it also found multiple outdated copies of Java and the flash player. So I deleted them all except the newest. Alas, now that I had only the newest version of the Flash player, Pandora stopped working — it was convinced I was blocking the flash player from storing its data locally, even when I wasn’t. I laboriously followed the directions in Pandora’s FAQ and went through the flash privacy panel (I hate that obscure thing) and gave Pandora the rights to everything short of my first-born, but no dice. I eventually had to uninstall version 9.x of the flash player and downgrade to 7.x to make Pandora work again. This is odd.

And then there’s the station I created with Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. That’s one weird station.

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