Fourth Estate or Simply Fourth Rate?

I believe that there is only one thing that can stop a Democrat — any likely Democrat — from being elected President in 2008: the propensity of the mainstream press to make stuff up.

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  1. One could also ask why the Democratic party anointed John Kerry as their candidate for 2004 as early as they did. Just as John Edwards was rising and Howard Dean was to self-destruct, Kennedy and the power elite chose Kerry. Go figure.
    The journalistic scandals in recent years are proof enough that “the press” is flawed like most other institutions. The plagiarism scandals are primarily what I refer to here. How effective management could not see them is beyond me. I apologize if this brief writing seems a little disjointed, but the thoughts are there.

  2. Mark R. says:

    The Dems did not anoint John Kerry. Dean had been the front-runner, getting all the magazine covers and buzz, throughout 2003. Enough Iowa caucus voters remained neutral until the last week, then galvanized around Kerry. If anything–setting aside the insanity of choosing nominees based on votes in Iowa and NH only–the 2004 Dem. nominating process was very open and democratic. It was certainly a far cry from the summer 1999 Weekly Standard cover, “The Anointed One” with Bush’s cartoon mug wearing a crown. Btw, Kennedy, I believe, had been behind Kerry all along, what with the Mass. connection. Teddy’s not that influential anyway. And remember, Gore wanted Dean.

    As for the original post, the blatantly false “reporting” (e.g. by Fox “news” on Obama’s early education) is certainly a hurdle come general election time. Let’s just hope it is the only thing that can stop a Dem. because if it is, I like our chances. The bigger challenge, in my mind, far from anything outsiders can make stick, is self-destruction.

  3. Go Democrats says:

    There is one other thing that can guarantee a loss for the Democrats– that is if Hillary wins the nomination. Or perhaps Obama.

    I am positive that Republicans are going to funnel money to both Hillary’s and Obama’s campaign so as to guarantee that at least Republicans will win one branch of government in the 2008 elections.

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