Accountability, What a Concept

Advertisement seen on Washington DC Metro:

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3 Responses to Accountability, What a Concept

  1. carwinrpc says:

    Clever, but what’s the point of an ad that has nothing to do with the product being promoted? For the life of me I can’t believe that MC really worried about how little oversight was going on–puh-lease!!

  2. Katie says:

    The words “good old days” are pronounced silently, as in “Rememeber (the good old days) when there were no oversight committees?” Read this way it makes perfect sense– if you didn’t make hay when you had the chance, it’s too late now, you missed the boat.

  3. ScottW says:

    “Remember when your bought and paid for politicians pushed the Bankruptcy Bill, that train has left the station MASTER CARD”

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