Off to Brazil

I don’t usually blog about ICANN here — I save that for ICANNWatch, but the next few days may be an exception, as I’m going to Sao Paulo for the second half of the ICANN meeeting, which will be followed by a NomCom meeting.

It’s seems I’ve been resentenced re-selected for the ICANN Nomcom for a second (and last) year.

UPDATE: Amazingly, Kieren McCarthy managed somehow to misread the above as follows:

Then why on EARTH have the people for next year’s Nominating Committee already been decided? Michael Froomkin has blogged that he was informed yesterday that he has been chosen a second time for the NomCom.

For the record: not so. I was informed a few weeks ago, that I had been re-selected by the ALAC. As to Kieren’s other question as to who selects the NomCom, it’s all spelled out in ICANN’s arcane by-laws: Many different groups select one or more delegates. The result is very good at including the wide diversity of views that people have about ICANN (much better than say the ICANN Board!), although IMHO it weights them kind of funny.

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