Elizabeth Edwards On Blogging and Commenting

Micah Sifry writes about Elizabeth Edwards, Online and For Real at Personal Democracy Forum. In it she discusses her blogging and her commenting on other people’s online postings.

Like everything else I’ve ever read about her, it makes Elizabeth Edwards look good.

And no, this is not going to turn into the Edwards-for-President blog, at least not yet. He’s certainly one of my top two or three candidates at present, but the season is young, and the candidates have not yet staked out positions on some key issues I’d need to hear about before being able to commit. Especially Iraq.

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One Response to Elizabeth Edwards On Blogging and Commenting

  1. elliottg says:

    My list:

    1. Al Gore because he was robbed the first time.
    2. Wes Clark because he seems to get it.
    3. John Edwards because he also gets it.

    4, 5 Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama because they take progressive positions, but seem too eager to triangulate.

    I hope that the ’08 nominee comes from this list.

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