Defund GITMO – Justice in the USA

Here’s my modest proposal for the Democratic Congress: defund Gitmo. Bring all the prisoners into the US, where they will be guaranteed due process or POW status depending on whether they are civilians or foreign fighters.

Too simple? Why?

I wish I could make a similar proposal for the legal cesspools in Iraq, but there are two reasons why I can’t. First, the Geneva conventions impose limits on the occupying power’s ability to remove civilians from the jurisdiction. Second, the numbers involved are simply too large.

But we could at least require that any US citizen arrested in Iraq be released within 48 hours or repatriated for trial.

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2 Responses to Defund GITMO – Justice in the USA

  1. Ugh says:

    I always thought we should put them on trial or let them go, but that would be a “law enforcement approach to terrorism™” and thus the manly men of the Bush Administration won’t have it.

  2. janinsanfran says:

    If the Dems defunded, do you think our rulers could get the Sultan of Brunei to pay to keep Gitmo going?

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