Larry Lessig Has a Good Idea

OK, so the headline is a bit like, “Dog Bites Man”.

But I really think this idea of Larry Lessig’s deserves take-up: CARE packages for Iraq as means to reduce post-war Iraqi anger at the US.

The only problem I can see offhand is that from what I read, the real problems in Iraq are infrastructural, e.g. the electricity keeps going off and people are trying to blow up the pipelines. That stuff won’t fit in a CARE package. But perhaps there are real shortages of things we could fit in a box. And, even if there are not shortages, perhaps it is the thought that counts.

And, of course, we need to get to the post-war…

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  1. Did you see my comment in the thread? Different comment here:

    Frankly, this strikes me as more about US liberals trying to salve their guilt at the horror of what the Bush adminstration has done to Iraq, than anything that’s likely to be all that useful to an Iraqi.

  2. Go Democrats! says:

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    thy cll “pppt.”

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    1. pn bk
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    h yh, nd trn ff Fx Nws, nd d nt rd th S Tdy.

    Tht’s fr dvc!

  3. Michael says:

    I warned you. You have been disemvoweled.

  4. Go Democrats! says:

    Seth Finkelstein,

    Froomy is angry at me and keeps disemvoweling me because my postings are too harsh. I’ll try to be nicer this time as I give you constructive advice. Besides, Froomy can benefit from this advice as well, especially since a vast amount of comes from newspaper/media articles (the largest inaccurate source of information available to the public).

    I do believe it is not in your best interest to watch Fox News as your source of information for which you speak of.

    Please refrain from engaging in any further activities that involve acquiring inaccurate (and many times straight up lies) media content.

    My advice to you is the following:

    1. Please open a book (do not wait for Fox News to tell you anything)
    2. Please open your mind (Try to think outside of the box)
    3. Please open your eyes (Being blinded to the truth hurts not only yourself, but those around you)
    4. Please refrain from speaking until you have been well informed

    As I continue to say, republican Fox News is not a good source of information (Not that a liberal CNN is any better), and should be avoided at all costs.

  5. Witness says:

    Perhaps avoid talking to Mr. Froomkin (I guess he is in charge of this website?) as well, he unfortunately is a talking Fox News advocate lol

    How anyone could be Republican at a time like this is beyond me. Nevertheless we all make mistakes… some bigger than others.

  6. Go Democrats! says:

    HAHAHA I wonder if my name was “Go Republicans,” instead of “Go Democrats,” if Froomy would still be disemvoweling or deleting my postings hahahahahah

    I can’t wait to see how long this posting lasts before Froomy gets upset and tosses it out!

  7. LACJ says:

    Its not a bad start, so long as it were understood that it is just a start. Ending the war, of course is more important. But showing contrition is not a bad idea at all.

    Seth does make a good point, but that is not necessarily a fatal flaw, just a concern to be guarded against.

    Of course, the reality is that when we leave we will likely not do much to right our wrongs. I am reminded that Vietnam and Cambodia STILL have unexploded ordnance that we dropped, and we can’t be bothered to pay for removal. Every year a fair number of people are killed and wounded as a result. (I am too lazy to confirm this via google; I feel confident in the truth of my assertions.)

    Lastly, hey *Go Democrats*, ha ha you got dsmvwld!! That’s too funny. Go ‘Froomy’!!

    Your post was so out there that you deserved it. Where the heck did all that come from? Personal attacks on someone for a one-sentence comment? What exactly is the connection with Fox News?

    Oh, sorry, please forget I addressed you. I don’t like to feed trolls. *snicker*

    Get a life.

  8. Go Democrats! says:


    You are lucky I am in the middle of finals right now. As soon as they are done, I will repost my reply to your elementary comment.

    There is only one phrase that comes to mind after reading your posting…. “Silly Wabbit…. Trix are for kids!”

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