Cooliris: A Fun Firefox (etc.) Extension

Once in a while Lifehacker’s Download of the Day is something neat. Today is one of those days, as they have Cooliris Preview (IE/Firefox/Safari):

Simply mouse over any link or thumbnail image, then point to the little Cooliris icon that appears next to it. In a second or two you’ll see a pop-up window containing the page, image, or even video. This isn’t just a screenshot, however you can actually play the video or interact with the page, clicking links, filling out forms, etc.

Best. Extension. Ever? It might just be. Cooliris changes the way you interact with the Web, and for the better. Cooliris Previews 2.0 is free for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Get Cooliris for firefox here. I’m having fun with it.

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One Response to Cooliris: A Fun Firefox (etc.) Extension

  1. jim says:

    I don’t know. I saw it praised at Unfogged and installed it. But it doesn’t actually help much. Yes, if you mouse over very carefully into the new window you can interact with the content (but if you mouse over carelessly, the window will go away or possibly morph into something else if you create and cross another blue patch). The new window is too narrow, though, to do much with. You have to scroll sideways to see the content. And the new window is impermanent. Mouse off it and it’ll go away. Opening the link in a new tab does everything (?) that cooliris does and leaves it there. Plus the little blue patches are annoying.

    So I’ve uninstalled it.

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