Wes Clark Steps Up in the Invisible Primary

There are two elections going on simultaneously in the Connecticut Senate race. There’s Lamont v. Lieberman of course, but there’s also the first round in the invisible primary for the 2008 presidential election. The invisible primary is the one where would-be candidates compete for the love, energy and money of party activists who they hope will propel their candidacy forward before the rest of the world really starts to notice.

Wes Clark took a big step forward in that primary today by making this effective ad for Lamont:

Few of the other possible candidates have done much beyond a token appearance, and almost none have done any Lieberman-bashing, even though he refused to respect the result of the party primary. Wes Clark shows here not only that he’s tough, but that he’s a party player. The activists will like that.

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One Response to Wes Clark Steps Up in the Invisible Primary

  1. David Chira says:

    Put this on the 2007 Nov. ballot: pay by day for the congress and senate: representitives only get paid
    pro-rated on the days they show-up for work !!! Also, if you want to stop terrorism, when a terroist attack occurs in the area the attack occurs blow-up an islamic church in the middile of the night and blame it on Iran or Syria. Eventually the peer-pressure on the terroists will stop them from attacking!

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