Slides From My ‘Security & Privacy’ Talk to Miami Wireless Focus Group

Here are my slides from last week’s talk on Security & Privacy that I gave to the focus group which was part of the Miami-Dade Wireless initiative.

There’s going to be a full meeting of the Steering Committee this Friday at 1pm in the County Commission chambers. It’s open to the public. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss it because I have a very long-standing commitment to be in Washington DC that day for the unveiling of the official portrait of Judge Stephen F. Williams for whom I clerked.

A student of mine has very kindly offered to go and take notes for me, so at least I’ll know what I missed without having to wait for the official minutes.

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  1. Laz Sanchez says:


    Florida based Wireless ISP
    City Wide Mesh and Public Safety Networks
    Executive Summary

    Alarius-Net is taking advantage of an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized industry leader in the wireless Internet and municipal mesh communications industry. It is the goal of our company to become established as the leading provider and operator of SkyPilot Muni-Mesh wireless communications services in the southeast Region of the United States. It is also our goal to become the premier vendor for “Homeland Security” interoperable Public Safety WiFi Mesh installations in the SE Region of the United States with a focus on Florida local government markets.
    In order to achieve this goal, Alarius-Net’s critical success factors will be to identify emerging trends and integrate them into our operations, respond quickly to technology changes/be there early (pre-RFP) to secure market footprint exclusivity, provide high-quality services, continue to invest time and money in marketing and advertising, continue to expand into specialty markets, and stay ahead of the “technology curve” while remaining viable through network expansion into other municipalities via official “word-of-mouth” and aggressive sales and marketing.

    The Company
    The company was initially formed as a partnership between Larry Mcneill, Lazaro A. Sanchez, Aaron Stackpole, Amber M. Antonio, and Edward Rodriguez. It soon realized that it could capitalize on the growing wireless Internet and municipal mesh or City-Wide communications industry to create a niche market for its services offerings. Through its research and development, Alarius-Net is working on establishing a technological lead in the marketplace and provides the best quality care for the consumer with a superior product and service offering for both the public and private market sectors with a specific focus on Government and Public Safety Homeland Security certified architectures.
    Alarius-Net has a world class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills. Its team includes Lazaro A. Sanchez, president; Larry McNeill, vice president of wireless operations; Aaron Stackpole, vice president of infrastructure; Amber M. Antonio, CCO – Marketing and Communications, and Edward Rodriguez Public Safety and Security Consultant.
    Together, we have a combined total of over 60 years experience in the telecommunications and wireless industries including over 20 years of Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security-Public Safety experience, as well as over 10 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and communications. In the future, Alarius-Net expects to acquire a highly qualified CFO, CEO, HR manager, additional customer service personnel, additional sales reps, additional technicians/installers, and a public relations manager.

    The Services
    The company has a developed mix of wireless communications services targeting government, municipalities, businesses, and consumers. At today’s breakneck pace of business, companies need more ways than ever to keep in touch, and the easier the better. WiFi has become an integral part of today’s communications.
    Alarius-Net’s innovative product and service offerings provide the best advantages to customers, including sleek and innovative WiFi cellular phone models, “FREE” DSL like services, high speed data capability, VoIP roaming WiFi residential offerings, along with implementing Superior WiFi design of 4.9 GHz Public Safety Homeland Security and state of the art Security services for private and government sectors alike.

    The Market
    Alarius-Net plans to focus on three target markets that will provide us with the greatest market penetration. This includes the specialty business users, the general business users, and the personal users. We intend to offer service packages that are priced appropriately for each segment and will offer the services that best suit each segment’s needs. The “FREE” services will be a portal for paid banner advertisement which will not only subsidize and offset the costs of providing the fast free service to the general public, but it will also be a vertical revenue stream market as a “Media-Portal” space for local and national advertisers.
    Alarius-Net’s ongoing marketing strategy involves the company maintaining and expanding a broad base of clients in target territories, establishing alliances with product and services companies so that it can deliver high quality products, and invoking its own organization to bring these together and implement total solutions for customers. The company will move from the traditional product-focused strategy to a total-focus on customer ownership. Having exclusivity within established footprints will also allow for a sound exit strategy for us and our shareholders. We will be an attractive network and subscriber base for any major Carrier like “AT&T” or “Bell South”. Industry trends predict that players like AT&T are finally coming around and trying to scoop up contracts with municipalities before they lose all market ground that is being gained by smaller companies like Alarius-Net.

    Financial Considerations
    It is estimated that Alarius-Net will earn approximately $10-million based on an excess of $12-16 million in sales by year 2010. Alarius-Net is currently seeking funding in the amount of $500k start-up, and a minimum of $2-million in a first round within 6-12 months for the purpose of establishing an instant market share vis a vis fast time-to-market deployment of the (CONFIDENTIAL CITY NAME) 1-square mile “proof-of-concept” and full 19.6 square mile 4.9 GHz Public Safety network we contracted for $1.5 million dollars. This network presence and product offerings “display case” infrastructure will create a snow ball effect, opening up additional municipal locations currently waiting for Hialeah to see our work first hand. We currently have Ocala, Ormond Beach, Pompano Beach, Cutler Bay, and The Polo Club in Boca Raton interested in our full product offerings and waiting for Hialeah to demo our work.
    We will conduct advanced proactive marketing and Ad pre-sales, hiring additional staff, and effectively advertising and promoting our services through out the established footprints in order to gain further penetration than the industry trend 10% average. However, an Industry average penetration of basic product offering is 10% national average. E.g. (CONFIDENTIAL CITY NAME) has 250,000 residents, at 10% that equates to 25,000 x $19.99 = $499,750 MGR (monthly gross revenue). This can be achieved with 24 months of network completion.
    The “FREE” access has gained momentum in the industry and numbers of penetration are coming back as high as 77% like in St. Cloud.

    Abstract Projections (CONFIDENTIAL CITY NAME)
    1.10% in 24 months is 25,000 x $19.99 = $499,750 MGR
    •*Keep in mind we have other offerings as well.
    2.50%+ in 24 months is 50,000+ residents looking at Paid Banner Advertising = $xxx,xxx MGR
    •*The amount of revenue is purely speculative however MetroFi has MRG from advertising into the low hundreds of thousands
    3.4.9 GHz Public Safety $1.5 plus -million in 2007 first quarter revenue
    4.Total cost of Hialeah (first contract) and start up ISP back-end (fully) is $3 million dollars.
    5.(CONFIDENTIAL) alone will pay for itself and the start up ISP that will service all the Cities that are in the waiting pattern for our start-up. That means that only wireless gear will need to go into building out new municipalities. Things like server upgrades and bandwidth allocations will be a minimal incremental CAPEX and OPEX increase. This project alone, pays for the business start and most or all of the Company OPEX going forward.

    •Critical Objective
    i.We currently have 48% shareholder stock equity available for 1 or more financial investor shareholders to join our LLC.
    ii.We are on the “critical path” for an immediate $500k-$1M start-up infusion. (i.e. $400-$600k in credit)
    iii.We are in need of most or all of the $500K-$1M to be in the form of a line of credit for
    1.Infrastructure purchases
    2.MRC OPEX
    3.Payroll OPEX (3-12 months)
    4.Light local advertising and marketing
    Business Objectives
    •Gulf States market penetration with a focus on Florida municipalities to establish a substantial footprint in the south eastern United States with a public, private and Homeland Security network infrastructure.
    •To become established as the Premier leading distributor of SkyPilot Mesh carrier grade wireless mesh equipment in the SE region of the United States.
    •To provide wireless ISP communications services in the Gulf States region with a focus on Florida markets.
    •Top establish a fine focus on the Hispanic communities specifically by establishing a platform and a medium for them to further penetrate the Internet space and associated markets through subsidy and community involvement.
    •To work with municipalities in establish a cooperative environment where we own and operate a network sponsored by the municipalities, therefore guaranteeing a higher market penetration due to constituent “buy-in” to the concept of City-Wide WiFi services complimented with an exclusivity contract.
    •To subsidize OPEX with consumer advertising on our web portal space which will be the “FREE” WiFi service side of the Wireless ISP service offerings and create a vertical revenue stream from advertising alone.

    Financial Objectives
    •To exceed a 10% market share (average) which will earn $6,000,000+ by the second year in gross revenue, *One Dade County city (Hialeah) we are working with, Hialeah, FL, has contracted Alarius-Net to design, implement, and maintain a Public Safety Mesh worth over $1.5+ million dollars. Alarius-Net is in negotiations with 5 cities in Florida at this time (10/2006)
    •To establish a higher penetration rate directly by having the municipality co-brand and internally advertise a “Utility” like service offering to there constituents.
    •To exceed the projected $6,000,000+ revenue potential of the initial market penetration by establishing multiple Florida footprints the first two years in the SE markets.
    •To take the Dade County $200 million dollar project City by City.
    •To create a growth rate that makes the Company so attractive that AT&T or Bell will buy us out within 3-5 years in business.

    Marketing Objectives
    •Market directly to all municipalities within the Gulf States Region with a focus on Florida.
    •Launch a Dade-County marketing campaign during the proof-of-concept stage in Hialeah, Fl.
    •Aggressive Advertising space sales on our “FREE” web-portal access “HOTZONES”
    •Launch a smaller scale Florida state wide marketing campaign to all municipalities.
    •Market specifically to south Florida Hispanic/Latino communities with advertising a service tailored for them.
    •Expand marketing reach within the entire Gulf States Region.
    •Brand recognition and Co-Brand recognition for our vendor partners.
    •Increase marketing efforts by providing a web portal for consumer advertising that exposes Alarius’ name.

    Lazaro “Laz” Sanchez
    407-756-7109 cell

    Alarius-Net is moving its offices to South Florida and will be a local business within the City of Hialeah and the County of Dade.

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