Padilla Alleges Three Years of Torture

With the headline Jose Padilla on the offensive, the Southern District of Florida Blog gives us just a tease:

The Federal Defender’s Office has filed a number of motions on Jose Padilla’s behalf, including a motion to dismiss for pre-indictment delay, a motion to dismiss for a violation of Padilla’s speedy trial rights, and a motion to dismiss for outrageous government conduct. The motions have some extreme allegations, including saying the Padilla was tortured for three years while held in complete isolation. More to come after I’ve read them all.

Ok David, you’ve got my attention.

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One Response to Padilla Alleges Three Years of Torture

  1. Nomi says:

    torture is the coin of the realm, the torturer is the enemy of all mankind, torture undoes civilization.

    It will become common knowledge eventually that directed energy weapons (electromagnetic, radio frequency, acoustic, microwave, laser) are being used experimentally on unwilling, non-consenting American citizens in actions that amount to torture and leave the body destroyed and in pain. This will be THE atrocity of this century. One needs a new vocabulary to describe the magnitude of the torture and destruction. There needs to be either a congressional investigation or a special prosecutor. There needs to be media coverage.

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