Olbermann Unchained

Watch Keith Olbermann as he calls out Bush for all but accusing his political opponents of treason. (No, not in the Constitutional sense; in the more rhetorical sense of wanting to leave the country undefended.)

Olbermann is just sanctimonious enough that I sometimes have to fight off the urge to grind my teeth while also wanting to cheer.

I do, however, think that it's a terrible shame that you can't see anything like this on a network that someone actually watches. Let's face it, excluding the Internet re-runs, most of the time basically nobody is watching MS-NBC.

So here's a little of the transcript to read while waiting for the video's long slow download from Crooks and Liars:

The President of the United States — unbowed, undeterred, and unconnected to reality — has continued his extraordinary trek through our country rooting out the enemies of freedom: The Democrats.

Yesterday at a fundraiser for an Arizona Congressman, Mr. Bush claimed, quote, “177 of the opposition party said 'You know, we don't think we ought to be listening to the conversations of terrorists.”

The hell they did.

177 Democrats opposed the President's seizure of another part of the Constitution*.

Not even the White House press office could actually name a single Democrat who had ever said the government shouldn't be listening to the conversations of terrorists.

President Bush hears… what he wants.

Tuesday, at another fundraiser in California, he had said “Democrats take a law enforcement approach to terrorism. That means America will wait until we're attacked again before we respond.”

Mr. Bush fabricated that, too.

And evidently he has begun to fancy himself as a mind-reader.

“If you listen closely to some of the leaders of the Democratic Party,” the President said at another fundraiser Monday in Nevada, “it sounds like they think the best way to protect the American people is — wait until we're attacked again.”

The President doesn't just hear what he wants. He hears things, that only he can hear.

It defies belief that this President and his administration could continue to find new unexplored political gutters into which they could wallow.

Yet they do.

It is startling enough that such things could be said out loud by any President of this nation.

Rhetorically, it is about an inch short of Mr. Bush accusing Democratic leaders; Democrats; the majority of Americans who disagree with his policies — of treason.

But it is the context that truly makes the head spin.

Just 25 days ago, on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, this same man spoke to this nation and insisted, quote, “we must put aside our differences and work together to meet the test that history has given us.”

Mr. Bush, this is a test you have already failed.

If your commitment to “put aside differences and work together” is replaced in the span of just three weeks by claiming your political opponents prefer to wait to see this country attacked again, and by spewing fabrications about what they've said, then the questions your critics need to be asking, are no longer about your policies.

They are, instead — solemn and even terrible questions, about your fitness to fulfill the responsibilities of your office.

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  1. sanctityofmessage says:

    “Sanctimonious” — yes, that’s the adjective I was looking for. I love Keith’s message and his assertiveness, but it seems like there should be a way to keep those attributes while losing the sanctimony.

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