NOVA as a Debate Location

The secondfirst Florida gubenatorial debate is about to start at NOVA South Eastern University. Turns out that might not the best place to hold it, at least according to this email I received:

Two models for the future of South Florida will be debated on Tuesday, October 24th, at NOVA South Eastern University. The selection of the debate site is quite unfortunate, in my opinion, because NOVA is involved in a labor dispute that will, if nothing changes quickly, render some 350 janitors jobless. An institution that is toying with the future of so many workers, as though their lives and livelihoods were truly unimportant, should not be chosen as the locale for hosting a discussion about the future of all Floridians. This problem is even more egregious, considering that two institutions of higher learning in South Florida, FIU and UM, have recently committed their resources to respecting the rights of workers to both organize and have a decent standard of living. These institutions are more deserving of hosting such a momentous event, for they have secured the future of their workers.

What I am asking is that NOVA Southeastern University finally accept the rights of their janitors to have a decent life, or that the debate be moved to a different place.

Many people are mobilizing in the next few days and weeks to achieve this goal, a goal that will benefit South Florida in general, for a solid working class is the back bone of any healthy community. Please stay tuned!

Dr. Manuel J. Caro
North Miami

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2 Responses to NOVA as a Debate Location

  1. Anon says:

    From what I understand, Nova’s contract with UNICCO is up and is being renewed on a month to month basis. Nova is planning on rebidding the contract, as is customary with any private institution, and is looking at increasing wages under the new contract. Nova is also considering bringing some of these jobs in house, as FIU is doing, where they will have higher wages and benefits. The fact that a labor dispute between UNICCO and its workers could lead to Nova using another company really has nothing to do with Nova. Maybe the SEIU would have been better off waiting to see if/when Nova renewed its contract with UNICCO before trying to unionize.

  2. anon says:

    Anon, my big brother. How silly your suggestion that the SEIU wait. How else do you expect them to collect union dues from the plebes? How silly.

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