Jeb Bush in the Closet

Joshua Micah Marshall had a great little item about Republicans on the run. In it he quotes this item about Jeb Bush’s visit to Pennsylvania to prop up the doomed campaign of Sen. Santorum, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Mr. Bush had been walking in the area near the T-station and the incident happened spontaneously when about 50 pickets “tailed him and stayed with him and went into the Wood Street station.”

. . .

Mr. Grove said a Port Authority canine unit was called in to help with crowd control. Two officers used their tasers to stun two protesters who “were asked to leave, but did not go,” Mr. Grove said.

The tasers he said were empty of the cartridges that supply a more powerful charge.

“It was a very tense situation. They were very close to the governor and shouting on top of him.”

As a precaution, the governor was ushered into a T-station supply closet and stayed there until the crowd left.

Josh Marshall closes by saying that “When I said Republicans were on the run, this isn’t quite what I had in mind.”

To me, though, the amazing part of the story is a reporter saying that Jeb Bush was in the closet.

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