DreamHost Unveils un-DRM Storage & File Store

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today, October 3rd, 2006, The Day Against DRM, we’re announcing a new (beta!) product:
Files Forever!What is it?

It’s a new service (during the beta only open to DreamHost Customers) that allows you to sell your own digital files, a la iTMS.. but with a few key differences:

  • No DRM is allowed.. period!
  • Once you upload your file to sell, you pay a tiny one-time storage fee, and we serve it FOREVER at a nice, permanent, URL.
  • Anybody who buys a file somebody offers via Files Forever get an online backup of it included.. that is, they may re-download the file as many times as they want, FOREVER!
  • Any file you buy from Files Forever you can also “loan” to your friends via the service! They are then allowed to download the file as much as they want until you ask for it “back.” (This is awesome, trust me.)
  • We handle all the payment processing / shopping cart stuff, and take just 5% + 50c for credit card fees. (We combine purchases to minimize these costs too.)
  • You can even offer an “affiliate cut” for people who re-sell your files!
  • That’s it pretty much!

    You can also keep the files you upload private.. so Files Forever also doubles as a very cost-effective permanent online archive solution, as well as an easy way to email big files to your friends.

    I think this is pretty clever.

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