But of Course!

Bush caught on tape denying saying what he says all the time.

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3 Responses to But of Course!

  1. Sue Ann says:

    So, what’s the Republican word for “flip-flop”?

  2. Gus says:

    Did anyone happen to see the documentary on Link TV (Direct TV subscribers only) called “Orwell Rolls in his Grave”?


    Director Robert Kane Pappas’ Orwell Rolls in his Grave is the consummate critical examination of the Fourth Estate, once the bastion of American democracy. Asking whether America has entered an Orwellian world of doublespeak where outright lies can pass for the truth, Pappas explores what the media doesn’t like to talk about: itself.

    The film will air again Oct. 29 at 5pm & 11pm, and Oct. 30 at 5am & 12pm.

    It gives the most honest look at politics and it’s incestual relationshop with the media I’ve ever seen.

    To see the offical site, click here.

    Professior Froomkin, hope you are feeling better. I’ve been sick for over a week too. Perhaps a citation will raise your spirits. I linked to you in my most recent post.

  3. anon says:

    I am too stupid to understand. I read it as Bush saying he will stay in Iraq but modify strategy over time. He is too stupid to say something that makes sense, so I must have misunderstood. Please explain to me, again, I am too stupid. Thank you.

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