Yet Another ‘Al-Qaeda Number Two’ Captured

It must be election season again: we’ve captured yet another ‘Al-Qaeda number two’.

Optimistic 2005 myDD article: Media Finally Sees Through Bush’s ‘Number 2 Man’ Myth

Optimistic Feb. 2006 Onion article: Eighty Percent Of Al-Qaeda No. 2s Now Dead.

Slightly padded Sept. 2006 List of Captured or Killed al Qaeda in Iraq #2’s (actually has 3’s and 4’s in there…).

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7 Responses to Yet Another ‘Al-Qaeda Number Two’ Captured

  1. you can say them again!

  2. Aaron Adams says:

    “Who is Number 1?”

    “You are Number Six.”

    Be seeing you…

  3. Aaron Adams says:

    “Who is Number One?”

    “You are Number Six.”

    Be seeing you…

  4. Pamela Troy says:

    Actually, it’s:

    “Who is Number One?”

    “You are, Number Six.”

  5. guy p. fraser says:

    how many al-qaeda #2’s are there? i know we’ve killed or captured dozens and at every
    right-wing event, and every time bush and cronies get in trouble or called to task, we kill or capture another one

  6. indierik says:

    I think the administration has finally stepped in # 2 after trying to pull this lie over on us again.

  7. Brett Bellmore says:

    I know mockery is fun, but it’s just barely possible that when you kill al Quaeda’s number two man, somebody else becomes number two.

    At some point you have to realize that pointing and giggling, however stress relieving it may be, doesn’t persuade many people.

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