Two From BoingBoing

Item one (really funny):

Ze Frank’s nerdcore standup routine at TED : Here’s a Google Video of Ze Frank doing a stupendously funny geeky standup routine at the TED Conference — don’t miss the dramatic reading of a Nigerian Letter! Link

Item two (not surprising, but will I suspect be experienced as a betrayal by people who for some reason got invested in this Internet happening):

LonelyGirl15 is a filmmakers’ project?:

 Vi Dzn-Wye4Rde 2YouTube superstar lonelygirl15, the mystery chick who posts confessional videos and has long been suspected of being part of some big media company’s stealth campaign, might actually be an independent filmmakers’ project, according to the post from the LonelyGirl15 website’s “creators.” Danah Boyd has more. Link

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