‘Republicans Just Married the Torture Issue Shortly Before Election Day’

Maybe it begins?

The Agonist, Movements and Parties:For one Congressman, at least, torture doesn’t seem like an issue he really wants to engage in. In fact, when the candidate I work for (Bob Johnson … DrBob around here) forcefully challenged John McHugh on torture using the language of morality, well, there’s no other way to put it: John McHugh freaked out.

That’s some reaction, hm? He isn’t attempting to plead the need for torture – he’s trying to deny it happens under this bill.

Yep. He wants as far away from the moral implications of torture as he can possibly get. Because Americans would freak out at some of the techniques.

They were torturing before. They will torture again. And if a bill that outlaws torture came through, Bush would castrate it with a signing statement.

But politically – Republicans, in all their fun and excitement about making liberal heads explode, got a little carried away. They just married the issue shortly before election day without knowing precisely and specifically which techniques they authorized.

Now it’s time to start telling the American people what techniques Republicans potentially just authorized in loving and specific detail (ouch for the Dems that crossed the aisle, but it’s called “collateral damage” and it serves them right).

Handled right it’s a baby seal hunt. Wear clothes that don’t stain.

Personally, I’m a bit more dubious about the ease of getting the message out, and I find the baby seal image somewhat disturbing and inappropriate, but I do like the energy and optimism here.

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