I Voted — But Will It Count?


And then I come home to find How easy is it to hardware hack a Voting Machine?

A couple of untrained 54-year old women from Black Box Voting bought $12 worth of tools and in four minutes penetrated the memory card seals, removed, replaced the memory card, and sealed it all up again without leaving a trace.

The Experiment on an actual Diebold voting machine shows that the seals do nothing whatever to protect against access by insiders after testing, and the seals also are worthless in jurisdictions like Washington, Florida, California, and many other locations where voting machines are sent home with poll workers for days before the election.

Just does wonders for your confidence in the democratic process…

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3 Responses to I Voted — But Will It Count?

  1. Cindy says:

    What do you mean that a voting box was messed with? Is this for this election? Was this an experiment? Some of the results were very odd and it would not surprise that this happened and who was behind this? Please respond?

  2. Michael says:

    If you follow the link in the item I wrote above it should answer your question: it was just a demo, but a pretty scary one.

  3. Maria Oviedo says:

    You must not have read much about Marisa Tinkler Mendez, she is the candidate with most experience and is more qualified then Cathern B. Parks for this seat. Tomorrow, when I get to my office I will post some imformation about Marisa. I think she will do just fine in November!


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