Another Transatlantic Experience Goes Bad

I was detained in Frankfurt.

Not in the sense of being arrested, but in the sense of being delayed: the plane had some sort of mechanical problem with the pilot’s window, and it took many hours to repair. By the time we arrived in Chicago, the last flight to Miami was long gone, so I am stuck in an airport hotel. And very very tired. And have to get up very early to make the 6:30 am flight to Miami.

On the bright side: since my luggage was lost for more than a day on the way out, I still have a full set of clean clothes…

The ICANN NomCom activities that took me to Frankfurt are covered by a very strict confidentiality agreement; when the official statement issues about this weekend’s meeting (tomorrow?) I’ll post a link to it. The actual results of our deliberations won’t be public for some time.

Given all these travel woes, I do feel I have been suitably punished for this unpaid volunteer activity.

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