Tropical Storm Chris

Here we go again. Looks as if Tropical Storm (and eventually Hurricane?) Chris has got us right in the cross-hairs:

So far, at least, the forecast doesn’t suggest the kind of things that strengthen it into a major hurricane … but even so-called not-major hurricanes have beat us up pretty badly in the past couple of years.

There’s nothing currently in the forecast to suggest it will turn either, but it’s not moving fast, so there’s plenty of time for everything to change. Meanwhile, though, the current forecast says there’s about a 10% chance it will hit here early in the weekend.

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3 Responses to Tropical Storm Chris

  1. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    Actually they are saying it shouldn’t become strong enough to be a hurricane. Last I heard top winds would be 65 mph when it hits us on Saturday. That makes it a strong TS – lots of rain and some sustained winds. Heck Michael, you and I both know that we barely close the windows for a tropical storm, and would still probably drive to Publix during one. I won’t worry about “Chris” until they tell me it has 75 mph winds, sustained.

  2. Geoff says:

    Doesn’t look to be here until sunday

  3. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    Oh crud! Now it’s looking more like it will be a hurricane. Darn and double darn!

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